Yes, You Can Speak Korean!-1


영역: 한글교재
연령: 한국어에 관심있는 누구나
구성: 반양장본 | 188쪽 | 297*210mm (A4)
배송: 단행본 두권이상 미국내 무료배송
출판사: Hollym International Corporation

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Based on the co-author’s experience teaching Korean to his children who were born and raised in the United States, “Yes, You Can Speak Korean!” a two-volume textbook series, has been specially written for young learners who start to learn Korean as their first foreign language. This book is inspiring resource which will help young learners acquire basic vocabulary, grammar and expressions as they learn how to read proficiently. The main features include in this series: clear and concise explanation on how to read Korean, easy guide to pronounce Korean alphabet properly, class-work and homework activities, and audio CD with authentic pronunciation.

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