Why? 와이 The Earth


  • 영역: 영어와 과학을 동시에 배우는 통합식 교육의 대표 도서
  • 연령: 초등학교 3학년 이상
  • 구성: 본책, 워크북, 단어장, 오디오CD
  • 출판사: 예림당
  • 배송: 미국내 무료배송

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Introduction to “Why? The Earth”
Samcheongapja Dongbangsak, 180,000 Years Old
The Earth is Round
How Did the Earth Come into Existence?
How Did Land and Ocean Come into Existence?
The Appearance of the First Organism-Precambrian Era
What Kind of Organisms Lived in the Paleozoic Era?
The Mesozoic Era-the Era of Dinosaurs
The Cenozoic Era, When Human Ancestors First Appeared
The History of the Earth in the Strata
Dongbangsak’s Past
Moving Continents
The Earth’s Main Axis-the Mantle and the Core
Volcanic Eruptions-the Earth’s Fireworks
The Features of a Volcano
Why Do Earthquakes Occur?
What to Do in an Earthquake
Mythical Continents
Orogeny, the Process of Mountain Formation
The Life of a Mountain
The Shape of Korea
What Makes Up the Crust
Meandering Rivers-Erosion
How Strata are Formed
Fossils-Treasures Buried in the Strata
Petroleum and Coal-Valuable Underground Resources
Sedimentary Rocks-Layers of Rocks
Igneous Rocks-Rocks Formed by Volcanoes
Metamorphic Rocks-Rocks with Changed Properties
Rocks That Change Due to Weathering
From Rocks to Soil-The Power of Organisms
Deserts-Dry Land
The Circulating World of Water
The Power of Water to Change Topography
Subterranean Water Flows, Too
Going on a Cave Exploration
Hot Springs and Geysers
Mountain Ranges Exist Even in the Ocean
Why Does Seawater Move?
What is a Tren
The Arctic and the Antarctic
Our Incredible Earth
The Earth is Hurting
Only One Earth

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