Why? 와이 Animals


  • 영역: 영어와 과학을 동시에 배우는 통합식 교육의 대표 도서
  • 연령: 초등학교 3학년 이상
  • 구성: 본책, 워크북, 단어장, 오디오CD
  • 출판사: 예림당
  • 배송: 미국내 무료배송

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Introduction to Why? Animals

The History of Organisms
Various Habitats of Animals

Animals on the Savannah
Bangbang from the Savannah
The Love and Friendship of Animals
Orderly Herbivorous Animals
Giraffes, the Keepers of the Savannah
Protective Coloration for Survival
Herbivorous Animals that Travel in Herds
Rhinoceroses, Armored Vehicles of the Savannah
Lions, the Kings of the Savannah, and Hyenas, the Garbage Collectors
The Food Chain and the Ecosystem
Cheetahs, the Short-distance Champions
Pampas Animals
Prairie Animals

Animals of the Tropical Rainforest

Animals of the African Tropical Rainforest
Animals of the Amazon Rainforest
Animals of the Indian and Southeast Asian Tropical Rainforests
Animals of the Australian Tropical Rainforest
Various Climates and Animals of Australia

Animals of Broadleaf and Coniferous Forests
Animals of Broadleaf Forests
Wild Animals of Korea
The Panda, the Beloved Pet of China
Animals of Coniferous Forest Regions

Animals of Polar Regions and the Tundra
Land Animals that Have Adjusted to the Cold
Animals of the Arctic Oceans

Animals of the Desert
Animals of the African Sahara Desert
Animals of the Central Asian Desert
Animals of the North American Desert

Animals of Alpine Reaches
Animals of the Rocky Mountains
Animals of the Andes Mountains
Animals of the Himalayan Mountains

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