영어로 읽는 먼나라 이웃나라 12 – 미국 3 : 대통령 편


  • 영역: 사회/문화
  • 연령: 8세이상
  • 구성: 반양장본 | 288쪽 | 257*188mm
  • 배송: 단행본 두권이상 미국내 배송비 무료
  • 출판사: 김영사

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’21세기 먼나라 이웃나라’를 영어로 옮겼다. 행간마다 넘치는 유머감각, 번득이는 통찰력, 넓고 깊은 정보와 해설, 풍부한 읽을거리를 생생한 영어로 번역하여, 한 장 한 장 책을 넘기는 사이에 나도 모르게 영어 실력이 향상될 수 있도록 구성했다.

단순한 단어·숙어의 평면적 영어 학습이 아닌, 역사와 문화를 영어로 얘기할 수 있는 한 차원 높은 수준의 영어학습법을 지향한다. 초대 대통령 조지 워싱턴에서 43대 대통령 G. W. 부시까지, 세계 최고 강대국으로 우뚝 선 미국을 이끌어온 대통령을 중심으로 미국의 정치역사를 꿰뚫을 수 있도록 엮었다.

미국인들의 애잔한 판타지로 남은 존 F. 케네디, 공산주의의 벽을 무너뜨려 이념대립 시대의 막을 내린 로널드 레이건, 테러와의 전쟁을 선포하며 미국이 주도하는 새로운 질서창조를 주장한 조지 부시까지. 미국 국민이 그 시대 최고의 인물로 선택했던 대통령들의 시대를 읽을 수 있다.

1st George Washington : America’s Founding Father who Laid the Foundation of Democracy

2nd John Adams : Man of Self-sacrifice who Put Country before Ambition

3rd Thomas Jefferson : Author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom and Father of the University of Virginia

4th James Madison : Father of the Constitution that Established Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances

5th James Monroe : Defender of the New World from European Interference

6th John Quincy Adams : Intellectual Leader with Top Educational Background

7th Andrew Jackson : Pioneer of the Era of Mass Democracy

8th Martin Van Buren : First Career Politician to Become President

9th William Henry Harrison : First ‘Image Politician’

10th John Tyler : First Vice President to Ascend to the Presidency via Succession

11th James K. Polk : Fierce Leader of the Era of Territorial Expansion

12th Zachary Taylor : Career Soldier who Went Straight to the White House

13th Millard Fillmore : From Tailor to the White House

14th Franklin Pierce : Northern Traitor, Southern Sympathizer

15th James Buchanan : Another Sacrificial Lamb of the North-South Conflict

16th Abraham Lincoln : Hero, Saint and Martyr: A Giant in U.S. History

17th Andrew Johnson : First President to be Impeached by Congress

18th Ulysses S. Grant : Politically Inept War Hero

19th Rutherford B. Hayes : Morality Politician Out of Touch with Reality

20th James A. Garfield : Corrupt Politician Assassinated while Fighting Corruption

21st Chester A. Arthur : Defender of Presidential Dignity

22nd/24th Grover Cleveland : Foe of Organized Labor

23rd Benjamin Harrison : Gifted Public Speaker, Not So Gifted President

25th William McKinley : Architect of American Imperialism

26th Theodore Roosevelt : The Trustbuster

27th William Howard Taft : Overweight President Overshadowed by His Predecessor

28th Woodrow Wilson : Messenger of World Peace, the American Way

29th Warren G. Harding : Ordinary Leader during Ordinary Times

30th Calvin Coolidge : Laissez-fairist who Narrowly Escaped the Great Depression

31st Herbert C. Hoover : Competent Leader Swamped by the Great Depression

32nd Franklin Delano Roosevelt : Creator of the New Deal

33rd Harry S. Truman : Little Big Man who Took America to Center Stage

34th Dwight D. Eisenhower : Preserver of World Peace amid the Intensifying Cold War

35th John F. Kennedy : The Camelot Myth: Image More than Achievements

36th Lyndon B. Johnson : Man of Contradictions-Leader of the Great Society, Commander of the Dirty War

37th Richard M. Nixon : Diplomatic Genius Overshadowed by Watergate

38th Gerald R. Ford : Restorer of Ethics to the Presidency

39th James Earl (Jimmy) Carter : Unsuccessful Morality Politician, Reborn as the Apostle of Peace

40th Ronald W. Reagan : Conqueror of Communism

41st George H. W. Bush : Pioneer of New World Order

42nd William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton : Leader of Times of Unprecedented Economic Prosperity

43rd George W. Bush : Self-righteous Warrior against Terror

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